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The Pain NEUROMODULATION System, was created with the aim of responding to the rehabilitation world’s need for new effective working tools to treat a wide range of dysfunctions and pathologies in rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports medicine and, more specifically, in pain management.

Acute and chronic pain conditions, particularly neuropathies, are statistically on the increase and are one of the main health problems, with an extremely heavy impact on the social and economic fabric of our society and seriously negative effects on the quality of life of millions of sufferers and their families.

Effective systems

The spread of the Internet and increased schooling, as well as the awareness campaigns proposed by health administrations, have facilitated and increased the demand for medical and physiotherapeutic treatment to resolve or alleviate the condition of discomfort and suffering experienced by many people.

Because of the evident increase in the number of pathological subjects, technical/scientific research is striving to deepen the understanding of the origin of pain symptoms and to develop systems capable of responding effectively.

In a situation characterized by growing demand and extreme openness and trust in new medical technologies, the PONOS and MONOS medical devices have been developed, and together with a set of neuro-oriented rehabilitation techniques, they give origin to the Pain NEUROMODULATION System method.

Long-term results

The two devices, originating from clinical experiences based on the available international scientific research, are able to solve and attenuate painful states with different etiology and development through the use of a plurality of different stimulation currents, specifically identified and integrated.

The initial analgesic effect is integrated with the system’s ability to act on the neurobiological model of reference in a therapeutic manner with long-term results.


Neuro-oriented approach

The Pain NEUROMODULATION  System method, thanks to the Ponos and Monos devices, is an irreplaceable tool to support the activity of the rehabilitator in physical medicine and sport in treating:

Neuropathic pain
Nociceptive pain
Systemic pain
Systemic pain

Therapeutic effects with targeted action

The Pain NEUROMODULATION System is the gold standard of neuromodulation therapy for neuropathic symptoms, as it acts on the different sites of post-traumatic, post-surgical or compressive tissue damage by activating neurons of the somatic and autonomic systems.

Significant therapeutic effects are achieved with a targeted and elective action on both superficial tissues, as in brachialgia and sciatica syndromes, and on deeper nervous tissues, as in nerve entrapment syndromes such as carpal tunnel, Guyon’s tunnel, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, hernia outcomes and narrow canals.

In the case of nociceptive pain, the Pain NEUROMODULATION System is able to intervene both on algic symptoms with cutaneous, and therefore more superficial projection, and on alterations of deep origin of musculoskeletal structures, in particular periarthritis, epicondylitis, arthrosis, gonarthrosis.

Neurological rehabilitation

In systemic pain symptoms accompanied by altered hydro-electrolyte conditions leading to reduced functional, detoxifying and repairing cellular activities, the Pain NEUROMODULATION System method acts by restoring the normal hydro-electrolyte metabolic condition necessary to overcome the state of allostasis.

In local pain, the Pain NEUROMODULATION System acts as an antalgic therapy producing relief and reduction of hypertone, oedematous and swelling states through the reactivation of normal physiological processes of tissue metabolism.