The Pain NEUROMODULATION System, was created with the aim of responding to the rehabilitation world’s need for new effective working tools to treat a wide range of dysfunctions and pathologies in rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports medicine and, more specifically, in pain management.

Acute and chronic pain conditions, particularly neuropathies, are statistically on the increase and are one of the main health problems, with an extremely heavy impact on the social and economic fabric of our society and seriously negative effects on the quality of life of millions of sufferers and their families.

Neuropathic pain

Nociceptive pain

Systemic pain

Local pain

Long-term results
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The two devices, originating from clinical experiences based on the available international scientific research, are able to solve and attenuate painful states with different aetiology and development through the use of a plurality of different stimulation currents, specifically identified and integrated.

The initial analgesic effect is integrated with the system’s ability to act on the neurobiological model of reference in a therapeutic manner with long-term results.