How It Works

The method


The Pain NEUROMODULATION System method is based on clinical experience and on the continuous collaboration and exchange of ideas among experts in Neuromodulation. The Pain NEUROMODULATION System method focuses on neuro-oriented rehabilitation techniques using the Ponos and Monos medical devices.

Depending on the diagnosis of the pain syndrome, up to 4 types of neuromodulation currents and parameters modulated in frequency, frequency sweeps, intensity and depth of action are available. These are supplemented by 6 types of microcurrents, multi-frequency sinusoidal currents with the possibility of polarity inversion, and diathermic radiofrequency, which is also fully adjustable.


Accurate control

Clinical experience teaches us that a painful condition is often the result of the alteration of different tissues, which current systems can only treat by using different technologies.

Once the specific set of parameters has been identified, the system delivers the therapy to restore the correct chemical condition and subsequent normalisation of the skin signals related to the superficial skin nerve endings, A(δ) fibres (myelinic), C fibres (unmyelinated), to the deeper nerve termination, and/or to the dysfunctional tissue. The progress of the therapy is known in real time thanks to the accurate control of the impedance measurement of the altered, and therefore biologically more active, skin areas.

The approach

Our global and neurophysiological approach is synergic with the neurobiological model, enabling us to intervene simultaneously at the level of the peripheral nervous system and nerve roots (neuropathic pain), at metabolic level (systemic pain), at tissue level (neuromotor fibres) and at the local level (microcirculation) using specific current signals.